Heavy Metals in 2 genera of seaweed Ulva and Sargassum in Singapore

I have been very busy dealing with my research project since the beginning of the year till now. The research project was done to fulfil part of my graduation requirement for my Bachelor of Engineering (Environmental).

Due to the subject of the research, I had been travelling to differents shores with the Wildfilm crews to collect my samples. Because of their help, I was able to collect 16 different samples from different localities and analyse the heavy metals in them.

Abstract of my thesis:
The concentrations of Cd, Cr, Cu, Ni, Pb and Zn of 2 genera of seaweed (Ulva and Sargassum) found in intertidal coastal environments in Singapore were determined using microwave digestion and ICP-MS. In general, heavy metals are found to preferentially accumulate in Ulva with the order, Zn > Cu > Ni > Pb > Cr > Cd, while the accumulation in Sargassum follows the order Zn > Cu > Ni > Cr > Pb > Cd. The highest level of heavy metals was found in Sargassum, with Zn concentrations up to 58.16µg g-1 (dry weight) and the lowest level of heavy metals is found to be 0.02 µg g-1 for Cd. The levels of contamination in Singapore appear to be similar to low and moderately polluted sites in the world. Comparison with heavy metals found in edible seaweeds displays close similarities for all metals except Cu. However, the Pb concentration in the seaweeds is not in compliance with Singapore legislative requirement.

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    Apologies. I won’t be able to send you the full paper. It’s awaiting publication. I’ll send you once the paper is published.

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